Twin Sails Bridge

The Twin Sails Bridge connects the Borough of Poole to the nearby town of Hamworthy.

When the bridge is in its closed position it is bathed in white light, with the structural rib of the deck uplit by metal halide sources and LED luminaires integrated into the handrail.

The lighting on the underside of the deck and wave-form art screen is designed to create a pattern of reflection in the water.

As the bridge opens, it transforms into a sail-like structure. The middle segment — ­the asphalt roadway and metal-grate pedestrian walkway — ­pivots open and is cut on the bias. As the leaves rise up to full vertical, the two segments stand in opposition and it appears as if two sailboats are passing.

The pedestrian walkway becomes washed in red as the color of the light changes with the opening of the bridge.

A mixture of lamp types — ­linear fluorescent, metal halide, and LED­ — were carefully chosen for each luminaire type on the bridge, and lensing and focusing strategies were designed to reduce light spill and glare. The lighting was also designed with ease of maintenance in mind.

A rendering of the lighting strategy as envisioned  by Speirs Major.

A cross section through the bridge deck.

A cross section of the bridge’s leaves in the open position.

The deck is still washed in white light as the bridge begins to open.

Slowly the white light shifts to red light as the bridge moves closer to its full open position.

The bridge fully open and the switch from white to red light complete.

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