The Sidwell Friends School Meeting House and Arts Center

A view of the new building from the main campus.

A view of the rear entrance. The illuminated ceiling surfaces reflect light onto the walls and display areas.

 In the Arts Center corridors, outward-facing  asymmetric covelights, angled according to the ceiling, illuminate lobby areas  and radiate toward the plaza.

In the hallways, inward-facing fluorescent  covelights balance the outward glow of light. Concealed tracklighting is  designed to highlight student art and historical displays.

The new Quaker Meeting Room was once the gym. The  space is articulated with a series of floating architectural planes that  modulate natural and electric light.

Fixtures behind the scrim walls in the Quaker  Meeting Room mimic the glow of the clerestory windows behind.

The east and west walls meet the ceiling and form large reveals. Additional rows of concealed fluorescents wash the surfaces where daylight can’t reach. Double-lamp asymmetric fixtures diffuse the light from the upper walls. The T5HOs provide 40 footcandles and achieve a 20 percent energy savings.

When the electric lighting is needed in the Quaker  Meeting Room, it can be controlled independently to tailor the light according  to time of day and event requirements.

A section through the Quaker Meeting Room.

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