The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

A view of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts at night. The lobby area, known as the Brandmeyer Great Hall is seen through the 330-foot-long glass curtain wall.

Inside the 1,600-seat Helzberg Concert Hall, home to the Kansas City Symphony.

A view from the stage of Helzberg Hall looking out at the seating area. The hall is outfitted with both architectural lighting and theatrical lighting systems. The perimeter of the space is accented by PAR38 IR wallwashers that line the ceiling cove.

A view of the 1,800-seat Muriel Kauffman Theatre, home to the Kansas City Ballet and the Lyric Opera of Kansas City.

In the Muriel Kauffman Theatre, the sparkling effect seen in the balcony fronts is achieved by custom textured acrylic forms backed with a folded reflective material and illuminated by dimmable LED striplights.

A view of Brandmeyer Great Hall from the staircase leading off of the perimeter balcony corridors of Helzberg Concert Hall. The perimeter balcony corridors of the Muriel Kauffman Theatre are seen in the distance. Lighting is made discreet to blend into the architecture.

Brandmeyer Great Hall. A color wash is created by light reflected from the carpet (red for the Muriel Kauffman Theatre and blue for Helzberg Hall)­ a planned effect achieved through elaborate testing and mock-ups.

The entry drive to the Kauffman Center is anchored by 27 high-tension steel cables that support the glass curtainwall.

The north entry to the Kauffman Center features the dramatic ribbed forms of the stainless steel-clad structure of the performance halls.

Clusters of carefully aimed, and discreetly  placed, ceramic metal halide spotlights wash across the building's dramatically  formed north elevation.

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