Telekom Bridge

Five slim steel columns support the flat path that forms one grand curve across the traffic pathway.

Elevator shafts on each end of the bridge support the slender curved path and connect the buildings of the Deutsche Telekom campus.

Pedestrians can now safely cross the busy street via the newly built pedestrian bridge.

At night the LED handrails provide a uniform light from the stairs to the walkway.

At dusk, the abstract animations that run along the bridge’s edges start to become more apparent.

The brightly lit walkway emerges against the nighttime sky and creates an illuminated visual link between the buildings of the Deutsche Telekom campus.

A detail of the illuminated staircase and the recessed LED video display.

Artistic content of any kind can be shown on the video displays on both sides of the bridge.

The opal glass cladding of the elevator towers is backlit with linear LED arrays.

Double pulse lasers detect the position and movement of passers-by, prompting the control software to switch on and off individual amber-colored LED luminaires.

Passers-by can playfully interact with the towers transforming the static light towers into a dynamic light installation.

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