Star Place

The fa??ade of Star Place creates a fluid display of light. The architect's idea was to create a self-illuminating fa??ade invisibly integrated into the building fa??ade's glass fins allowing them to be luminous at night while preserving transparency during the day.

During the day the fa??ade acts as sunscreen and weather barrier and transforms into a luminous curtain at night.

View of the building entrance. The fa??ade acts as a luminous curtain that constantly changes colors while welcoming the visitor.

The initial lighting challenge was defined as preserving the transparency of the glass fin during daytime while creating a color-changing luminous surface as the sun sets.

Each fixture needs to fill the full 3.3-foot height of the glass fins with light.

Image of the glass panel mock-up set to evaluate the edge lighting effect.

Detail view of the vivid blue integrated fa??ade lighting.

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