Upside down table lamps and dramatic uplighting behind floor-to-ceiling graphics enhance the whimsical feel of this lounge, which is located at historic Hollywood and Vine Streets. Custom pendant lamps become the eclectic focus decoration, but also provide functional light on the tables below. Energy efficient 20W MR16 fixtures positioned in slots at the base of the room provide subtle ambient lighting as they uplight the wall graphics.

Individualized table lamps meet the character of the space and offset the eclectic furniture groups. To meet wattage restrictions for Title 24, these table lamps do not exceed 41W. Three 7W candelabra lamps provide an understated glow and 20W MR16 spotlights provide punch on the white tabletops.

Though the footprint of the space is relatively small, the use of continuous drapery of an 'old world' unfinished gallery, envelopes the club creating the artificial illusion of a much larger space. Backlighting of the printed translucent imagery further enhances this effect by increasing the three dimensional highlights and shadows.

Although no two suspended table lamps in the space are identical, the carefully selected pieces and their arrangement work with the diverse furnishings and finishes to create a cohesive design statement. Matching candelabras provide consistency to assist in unifying the varied d??cor while increasing the intimate feel of the space.

An additional backlit image appears over the bar to provide continuity and a visual screen for the color-changing back bar. A warm-white LED wall grazer that matches the low-voltage backlighting at the walls achieves this. Color-changing LED floodlights provide task-oriented white light or colored light to counter balance the image in the foreground.

Mixing of lamps continues at the bartop: this is done with higher light levels to create visual focus. Linear LED color-changing backlit ceilings provide visual interest at the corridors via presets containing carefully selected color options.

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