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Measuring approximately 7 3/4 inches in diameter and 1 1/2 inches tall, the LED Surface Mount Downlight was created with an integrated design approach to ensure that all of its components work together to deliver superior performance, efficiency, and maximum usable light. Consuming just 15W, it produces more footcandles at 8 feet than most 26W compact fluorescent recessed housings, is dimmable down to 10 percent, and is available in 3000K and 4500K color temperatures. The trim, which quickly snaps onto the unit, is offered in white, brushed nickel, chrome, black, and antique bronze.

An addition to USAI's Bevel family of products, BeveLED is an adjustable LED downlight that features advanced thermal management and a 50,000-hour lifespan. The fixture is equipped with interchangeable lenses that allow for beam spread adjustments and high-efficiency 10W and 20W, 3000K, field-replaceable LED light engines. It also meets the industry's most stringent standards for energy efficiency, is available in multiple light sources, and offers trims in a variety of finishes and shapes.

Available in six different housings, the LED 900 Downlight Series was designed for new construction (with the H750x Series LED housing) or retrofits into compatible incandescent housings (using the included Edison screw base adapter). Each fixture in the series uses less than 15W, has an optical design that yields smooth beam distribution with good cutoff and low glare, delivers in the range of 511 to 945 lumens (depending upon trim and color temperature), and comes in four color temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K.

The popular Gotham Squares family has been expanded to include a wide range of 4- and 6-inch square-aperture fixtures for use with MR16 halogen and ceramic metal halide, T4/T6 ceramic metal halide, HID, incandescent PAR lamps in downlight, wallwash, and directional configurations. Engineered to install perfectly square-and to stay that way over the life of the product-the luminaires' one-piece polymer composite trims with clean, flush corners provide an ultraclean appearance with no light leaks. New metal and microflange trim options are offered, as are new trim colors, which include clear, stepped, pewter, wheat, stepped pewter, and stepped wheat.

Providing flexibility for new and replacement installations, the DL-1 TC Series of low-power, high-illumination LED downlights is now available with a variety of tapered cone trim sizes and colors in a modular design permitting a vast array of choices. Consuming just 14W and providing 750 lumens, the fully recyclable fixtures' new cone trims are offered in 5-, 6-, and 8-inch diameters and come in white, anodized, antique copper, chrome, and anodized with a white trim. Custom colors and other surface finishes are also available.

A 6-inch specification-grade LED downlight, the SS6 has a heavy-duty galvanized steel frame and comes in two lumen packages: 700 lumens at 14W and 1,100 lumens at 18W. In addition to beam spreads of 30 and 55 degrees, the fixture can be dimmed to 1 percent and has a 1.5-millimeter-thick reflector offered in clear specular, haze, and white matte. With a color temperature of 3500K and a CRI of 83, its LEDs average a rated life of 50,000 hours at 70 percent. The LED module is easily upgradable to accommodate future technology and can be accessed from above or below the ceiling.

Providing attractive yet rugged tamper-proof protection for Gotham's recessed downlights, Lightshield gives designers the ability to achieve vandal-resistant lighting without sacrificing performance or aesthetics. Easily installed over the housing and trim assembly of most of the company's 6- or 8-inch open-aperture luminaires, it can accommodate lens combinations up to 1/2 inch thick and also provide IP55 ingress protection. Lightshield comes in a wide selection of color finishes and lens types and, when ordered with a polycarbonate lens, has a full lifetime warranty covering damage incurred from physical abuse.

Available with small apertures and high lumen output to accommodate a wide range of new construction and renovation projects, Nora Lighting's LED Recessed Downlights are Title 24-compliant and come in three 120V models: a 3 1/2-inch aperture (10.5W) with an output of 500 lumens at 3000K; a 4 1/2-inch aperture (14W) with an output of 622 lumens at 3000K; and a 5 1/2-inch aperture (14W) with an output of 635 lumens at 3000K and 710 lumens at 4200K. Each has a CRI of 86, is rated for 50,000 hours at 70 percent lumen maintenance, is cUL listed for wet locations, and contains a triple-laminated lens.

The 3-Inch Mini-Arc LED downlight is Energy Star-qualified, consumes only 9W of energy, and provides more than 360 lumens. Using Cree's X-lamp LEDs, the luminaire features a deeply regressed LED array for glare-free environments, while housings are available with flicker-free dimming and have a certified lifespan of 40,000 hours. Trim options include wallwash, lensed, and open trim designs, with trim finishes in white, black, natural, copper, and mocha.

Kurt Versen developed this line of round downlights, wallwashers, directional, and slope fixtures to optimize the performance of low-wattage T4 and T6 metal halide lamps and to meet stringent energy mandates. A complete line of 4- and 6-inch apertures are available in four wattages: 20W, 39W, 70W, and 150W. The 20W and 39W lamps are best suited for low ceilings (8 feet to 20 feet high); the 70W and 150W lamps are appropriate for medium- and high-ceiling applications. A supernarrow optical system can be utilized for very high ceiling heights (up to 70 feet high). The optical system is very efficient, up to 85 percent, with minimal visual view of the light source. Multiple beam spread options (from narrow spot to wide flood) allow for highlighting or general illumination.

A 13W LED downlight with a field-replaceable lamp and light output equivalent to that of a 50W MR16 source, the L141 is a 4-inch recessed luminaire featuring a simple yet versatile design and is suitable for both commercial and residential applications. It is available with color temperatures of 3000K or 5000K, with a round or square trim, and in a black or white finish. Designers can also specify a dimming or nondimming version.

Intended for use in both new construction and remodels, the P8022 surface-mounted LED downlight is ideal for single- and multifamily applications such as utility and general illumination. Available in color temperatures of 2700K and 3500K, the low-profile fixture measures 8 inches in diameter, meets Title 24 requirements, contains nine LEDs that consume just 13W, and features a glossy white finish and a frosted acrylic lens.

The Capri One modular downlight system is now available with an LED electrical option, which is provided with the reflector attached for easy installation and consistent distribution. This addition will add multiple color temperatures and wattages to the existing Capri One lineup. As before, the system offers many frame, reflector, and lamping choices, and offers the option to install the downlight frame, finish the ceiling, and choose the electrical and trim later.

A series of LED downlights for both commercial and residential applications, the RL630/RL607 6-inch LED retrofit modules deliver more than 674 lumens and consume a minimal 14W of power. Energy Star-compliant, the fixtures are available with a variety of baffle and reflector choices, as well as numerous trim selections.

Designed with a clean, architectural look, LEDme Recessed Downlights are engineered for precise thermal and optical performance. State-of-the-art LEDs provide the equivalent light output of a 50W halogen lamp and have a potential life of 50,000 hours. The dimmable fixtures are available in 2-, 3-, and 4-inch apertures with round and square trim styles. The 2-inch models are adjustable, offering a 40-degree vertical tilt, and can be dimmed from 100 to 15 percent. The 3- and 4-inch versions are available in both trim and trimless styles and can be dimmed from 100 percent to 1 percent.

Available in six different housings, the LED 900 Downlight Series was designed for new construction (with the H750x Series LED housing) or retrofits into compatible incandescent housings (using the included Edison screw base adapter). Each fixture in the series uses less than 15W, has an optical design that yields smooth beam distribution with good cutoff and low glare, delivers in the range of 511 to 945 lumens (depending upon trim and color temperature), and comes in four color temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K.

The H4 Collection of 4-inch-aperture LED downlights delivers 534 to 700 lumens (up to 46 lumens per watt), depending on color temperature and trim. Suitable for accent, task, and general lighting applications, the dimmable fixtures are equipped with an optical design that provides smooth beam distribution, good visual comfort, and a CRI of 80. Color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K are offered, as well as multiple baffles, reflectors, and lensed trims. Baffles and reflectors come in colors including white, black, haze, satin nickel, and Tuscan bronze; trim rings-which work with the LED light engine's heat sink to provide heat conduction away from the LED-are available in white, black, satin nickel, Tuscan bronze, and polished chrome.

Created to address the market potential for commercial retrofit projects, Retroficient is a retrofit collection of 6- and 8-inch horizontal and vertical downlights that provides an easy, cost-effective way to install energy-efficient sources in existing spaces. Available with LED and compact fluorescent lamping options, the collection offers quick and simple installation that can be done from below the ceiling and a Quick-Link socket cup for easy assembly. Ideal for LEED-certified projects, the fixtures also feature the company's watts-per-square-foot optics reflectors (for use with compact fluorescent sources), which deliver more lumens per watt and high fixture efficacies.

Best suited for accent and display lighting for retail spaces, as well as for hospitality and commercial environments, the Puck Multiple is designed as a recessed ceiling fixture. Only 3 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep, the Puck Multiple can include as many as four machined-aluminum adjustable LED heads within a stamped-aluminum faceplate. The fixture uses warm-white LEDs with a color temperature range from 2740K to 3040K, has a CRI of 85, and an array of beam spread options. Finish is available in either white textured or satin aluminum. Custom colors are available upon request.

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