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The next generation of Corelite's Iridium family, the i2 Series of T5/T5HO direct/indirect fixtures features a generous open center aperture for versatility in optics, lamping, and light distribution. Available with adjustable up- and downlight optics, complete with the company's Slide-N-Lock optics accessory, the luminaires can be mounted individually or continuously in a series of 4-, 8-, and 12-foot sections. Made from one piece of die-formed cold-rolled steel to form a 9-inch by 2 1/2-inch profile, each fixture has a linear prismatic fully frosted acrylic lens, standard aircraft cable mounts, and a white polyester powdercoat finish.

Available with one or two T5/T5HO or T8 lamps, the direct/indirect Series 52 DIP boasts efficiency of over 90 percent to comply with numerous energy codes. Providing uniform illumination (60 percent up and 40 percent down), the semi-specular parabolic louver features a ribbed, clear overlay for precise optical control. Available in 3-, 4-, 6-, and 8-foot lengths, the fixtures can be hung by aircraft cable or stem or they can be canopy mounted. They are compact in size-71/4 inches wide by 13/4 inches tall-and have an extruded aluminum housing and mitered ends for a clean finish detail.

Suitable for office buildings, retail locations, classrooms, and healthcare facilities, RTLED is volumetric recessed LED lighting that delivers ambient white light. Three configurations are available: a 2-foot-square fixture that delivers 3,300 lumens for use when high light levels or higher mounting heights are needed, 2,200 lumens for general application levels, and a 1-foot by 4-foot fixture also delivers 2,200 lumens. Each fixture has a 50,000-hour-rated system life, is made from recyclable components and materials, and, with its compact design, measures only 3 1/8 inches deep.

Functioning as a direct or indirect high-power luminaire, Stile Tryg produces high lumen levels (with a total output of 2,041 lumens per 2-foot fixture) and utilizes multiple beam spread options. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects, it is IP66-rated; comes in stem-, cable-, wall-, and ceiling-mount configurations; and is available in three white LED color temperatures (2700K, 3500K, and 4500K) as well as amber, blue, green, and red. It also contains six or 12 LEDs per foot (depending on output) and has a CRI of 80.

A family of luminaires designed around a T6 fluorescent lamp, BT6 is equipped with side-mounted lamp pins, enabling the lamp ends to be mounted very close together for increased lumen consistency. Ideal for applications where exposed fluorescents are desired, the slender geometric fixtures are available in five lengths (from 20 inches to 60 inches) and seven color temperatures (from 2500K to 6500K), all rated at a CRI of 88 and a 20,000-hour lamp life.

A slim and compact fixture that fits most grid ceilings and provides an economical solution for a variety of retrofit projects, the Shiner LED Recessed T Bar (model DT1-040C) has a special optical design that distributes light evenly and creates a glare-free environment. Measuring approximately 2 feet square, the 38W luminaire has a color temperature of 5026K, delivers 75 lumens per watt, produces a total output of 2,848 lumens, and has a CRI of 70.

A decorative accent fixture with a clean, geometric form, the Fin Series is ideal for making an aesthetic statement, creating intriguing patterns of light, or enhancing other design elements. Versatile and functional, it can be mounted horizontally or vertically, is available in lengths from 2 to 8 feet, and is available with clear sides and frosted edges or in solid frost. In addition to choosing either T5 or T5HO lamps, designers can specify the depth below the fixture door to be 2, 3, or 4 inches.

Litecontrol's first LED fixture, L20 is a 2-square-inch linear pendant luminaire offered in 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-foot lengths. Containing 24 LEDs per foot and featuring a VC4 lens-the company's newest optical component that creates a uniform lens to obscure individual LEDs and control glare-the fixture draws only 6.85W per foot, is offered in color temperatures of 3500K and 4500K, and comes in machined aluminum or matte white with flat or sculpted end caps.

Spin's concentric parabolic reflectors create direct and indirect light. Offered in surface mount and pendant versions, each uses an engineered steel diffuser and reflectors, along with a high-efficiency circline lamp, to create soft and uniform illumination. The surface-mounted version (named Spin) measures approximately 19 3/4 inches in diameter and takes a 40W or 55W T5/T5HO circline lamp, while the pendant version (named Big Spin) is approximately 26 inches in diameter and takes a 22W T5 circline lamp. Each fixture is 4 inches tall.

To create an optimal light and acoustics system for office environments, Waldmann Lighting has added Structurelab's RX1 reflection and acoustic sail system to its Tycoon freestanding and desk-mounted luminaires. Ideal for high-ceiling applications and large offices, the sail system provides redirection of the fixtures' uplight component as well as acoustical sound absorption in open ceiling spaces. Available for both narrow and wide redistribution solutions, the system is offered in single or modular canvas combinations in two variants with different types of fabrics.

LED replacements for recessed T-bar fluorescent ceiling luminaires, CLL2X2-400-TPW-001W uses only 24W of power, replaces 2-foot by 2-foot standard 64W fluorescent units, and delivers 1,840 lumens. The CLL2X2-800-TPW-001W consumes less than 36W, replaces 80W fluorescent fixtures, and produces 2,753 lumens. Operating on a voltage range of 100V to 277V, each model delivers 5000K pure-white light with a CRI of 75, and has an average life span of more than 50,000 hours. The luminaires are easily installed using existing fixtures and are constructed of 22-gauge cold-rolled steel.

The 100 Series of modular light rail systems is now available with Osram Sylvania's HF2 Narrow LED Module. Offered in wall-, ceiling-, and table-mounted versions, the luminaires come in three single- or double-rail profiles-race, box, and wing-up to 6 feet in length (depending on lamp and rail type). They feature a quick-connect wiring harness; low- and high-density LEDs in color temperatures of 3000K, 3500K, and 4100K; and brushed aluminum or black anodized finishes.

Designed to reduce energy costs and carbon footprints, the low-profile Class R2R T5 Recessed Retrofit saves time. Because of its innovative assembly design-which includes captive hardware and a quick-connect power feed-one fixture can be easily installed in less than 10 minutes, according to the manufacturer. The luminaire features a matte white reflector that creates a soft illumination and a frosted acrylic lens that transmits lumens to both the task and vertical room surfaces. It also features a 3-inch depth; takes one, two, or three T5/T5HO lamps; reduces lighting costs; and comes in 2-foot by 2-foot and 2-foot by 4-foot sizes.

Offering high-performance, low-energy indirect cove lighting, the HPE Series is a line of modular low-profile fixtures that fit discreetly against ceiling and wall coves. Available in 2-, 3-, 4-, and 8-foot lengths, they easily snap together with optional quick-connect wiring and end brackets. Attached to each housing is a highly polished, computer-aided specular aluminum reflector system that directs maximum emitted light into the space. Its saw-tooth baffle eliminates shadows and minimizes back splash, and, when combined with 'kicker' reflectors and a white diffused front edge, virtually eliminates socket shadows. Illumination is provided by one T5 (shown), T5HO, or T8 lamp.

Architectural yet soft, Billow provides indirect illumination. Able to be installed horizontally or vertically, and available in pendant, surface, and wall models (shown), it measures 7 inches wide, just over 1 3/4 inches tall, and comes in lengths of 4 and 8 feet. The fixture-which is offered in white, chrome, or satin aluminum anodized finishes with chrome end caps-takes two 28W T5 fluorescents (surface mount), two 28W or 54W T5/T5HO fluorescents (pendant), and has a dimming option when used with 54W T5HO lamps.

A new member of the Verve family, Verve IV combines a classic curved shape with high-performance optics and new shielding options. Ideal for a variety of environments, including classrooms and commercial interiors, it can be specified with a radial baffle, a flat baffle, or a parabolic louver to deliver 40 percent downlight as standard. With the addition of optional reflectors, that downlight can be increased to 100 percent. The flexible luminaire comes in 4-, 8-, and 12-foot lengths that can be joined in continuous rows, can accommodate up to three T5 or T8 lamps, and is available with a selection of frosted and patterned lens options.

Suitable for use as a ceiling or hallway luminaire, the L111-a linear striplight-provides general ambient lighting for commercial applications. Providing up to 100 lumens per watt using 1W LEDs spaced at 1, 2, or 4 inches on center, it is available in 2-, 4-, and 6-foot lengths and comes with a standard 6-foot drop (custom drops can also be specified). The anodized aluminum, canopy-mounted fixture also comes in five color temperatures with beam spreads of 12, 30, or 60 degrees, and is powered by a surface-mounted driver with optional dimming controller.

The 8-PQ Series is a line of quarter-round pendant luminaires ideal for use in schools, offices, and hospitals. Offering a wide, even light distribution, they take one or two T5 or T5HO linear fluorescent lamps (28W or 54W), which are shielded by a choice of high-impact-resistant, curved acrylic, no-glare lenses-solid or with 20-percent surface perforations-and optional cutoff inset blade baffles. Each has an overall height of approximately 5 1/4 inches, measures 7 1/2 inches wide, and is 48 inches long. Dimming and emergency ballasts are available, as are aisle and 360-degree occupancy sensors.

Featuring a patent-pending install-from-below design option, a depth of only 1 3/4 inches (for the two-lamp version), and a quick-release ballast/lamp compartment, the Nol Series offers accessibility and efficiency. Available in 12- and 24-inch lengths using one, two, or three T5 or T5HO lamps, it provides balanced luminance and achieves energy-efficiency ratings as high as 88 percent. It also features a center reveal, decorative accents, and multiple lensing options available in square and round profiles.

Inspired by the form of a seagull in flight, Liventy's textured diffuser provides a harmonious counterpoint to the linear geometry of traditional ceilings and emits soft, even illumination. In fact, it is remarkably efficient-rated at up to 85 percent-and can be recessed into grid or hard ceilings, surface mounted, or pendant mounted on aircraft cable. The fixture measures 2 feet square and less than 4 inches deep; comes with three or four 14W T5 or 24W T5HO lamps, or two 55W Biax lamps; and is available with a dimming ballast and emergency battery packs.

An addition to the Latitude family, Vivid is a Cradle to Cradle Silver-certified, semi-indirect, cable-mounted luminaire with an extruded aluminum housing. Featuring VC2-a microprism acrylic lens coupled with semi-specular reflective material for uniform brightness while concealing individual LEDs-Vivid measures 8 3/4 inches wide, 1 inch tall, and 4- or 8-foot lengths. It takes T5 and T5HO lamps and is compatible with the company's fixture-integrated daylight harvesting as well as their ceiling sensor control solution. (This combines Litecontrol fixtures with Lutron EcoSystem controls and dimming ballasts.) Vivid offers a side-glow feature that can incorporate theatrical color gels in blue, green, magenta, orange, and red. Custom colors are available too.

Offering expanded options in its 'ribbons of light' product family, Zumtobel introduces Slotlight Pro lit corners in 2 1/2-, 4-, and 6-inch widths. Ideal for long continuous runs or custom patterns, the luminaires come in a variety of mounting options, including ceiling recessed, perimeter mounting, and wall recessed, each available in flanged and flangeless designs. They are available for T5 or T5HO lamping, offer a range of optic/shielding options, and provide seamless illumination with no socket shadows or hot spots.

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