Private House Spa

Turning past the sauna, the pool, internally clad with black Sicilian Basaltina, comes into view. The play of light cast across the undulating GRG ceiling above is mirrored in the water below. A skylight at the far end of the pool and tucked-up out of view, illuminates the end wall naturally by day. At night, this is balanced with electric light to reflect light across the space, modeling and accentuating the ceiling's sculptural form.

The pool's ceiling is halo-lit from its angular perimeter with two concealed indirect sources, which bounce light down the walls and define the structure's peaks and troughs with a distinct line of light. Crisp white 3500K cold cathode sources illuminate the space by day.

At night color-variable LEDs provide either a warm white glow or selected colors for dramatic ambiance. The perimeter light troughs provide almost all of the space's lighting, while preventing any light to penetrate the sculptural ceiling.

Color variable LEDs were used to create a warm glow similar to dimmed halogen for a more relaxed and subdued evening environment.

Color-variable LEDs at the ceiling perimeter were programmed to create a dramatic look with a deep red color then dimmed so that the effect is minimized to a striking zig-zag line of light. This way the ceiling is expressed without overpowering the wash of daylight at the end wall, or the cool white LEDs at the pool edge from streaking light across the water surface.

A midnight-blue line of light and the pool's ladder handrail are allowed to reflect perfectly in the water below by turning off the pool LED lighting. Daylight from the skylight is reflected back across the angular ceiling above, rendering the surfaces and displaying the ceiling's dynamic sculptural form.

The pool itself is lit from two sides by banks of narrow-beam cool white LEDs to enhance the tinted water's blue hue. This lighting solution was implemented after a 'raise and lower' pool floor was introduced that covered the existing pool floodlights. The pool was already cast prior to the lighting designer's involvement, so the fittings were installed through the overflow channel.

Dark interior finishes and moody lighting characterize the sauna and steam room. Illumination is provided by corner recessed vertical slots and partially concealed louvered downlights.

The gym is illuminated by cold cathode lighting at the perimeter ceiling coffers and low-level halogen floor washers, which provide a bright indirect light for 'high-energy' workouts, or low-level lighting for yoga. The monolithic limestone volumes that house the sauna, steam room, and showers are also used to uplight the ceilings in both the gym and the dressing area.

The luxuriously deep Jacuzzi is lit with narrow beam fiber optic steplights, which dramatically skim light across the dark stone, creating impact, defining form, and helping the visitor navigate their footing.

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