Power & Light Utility Bridge

A view of the bridge looking north with the Sprint Center in the background.

Looking northwest to downtown Kansas City.

Plan, elevation, and section of the Power & Light Utility Bridge.

The interior of the bridge houses banks of electrical conduit and the interior of the zinc skin is painted white.

An exterior view of the bridge’s perforated zinc skin.

A detail view of the bridge’s zinc skin with a matte-black finish. A perforated pattern of holes, in different diameters, are set into a raised, relief texture.

A view of the bridge during the day.

The undulating zinc skin creates a subtle pattern of shadows during the day.

At night, the bridge takes on a new personality, lit from within by 60W RGB LED wallwash fixtures.

The bridge’s perforated skin illuminates at night and reveals the form of a sine wave.

A view of the bridge at night with downtown Kansas City beyond.

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