Peering Into the Floating World

In his piece “Lexus L-finesse,” artist Tokujin Yoshioka uses optical fibers to create a spatial assemblage that expresses a sense of weightlessness and mystery.

For his Rakuyo bench, Oki Sato and his design firm Nendo incorporate a subtle pattern of leaves thanks to integrated LEDs. The pattern appears when a person sits on the bench and slowly changes color the longer a person stays seated (above).

Artist Eriko Horiki uses the tradition of washi papermaking to create a contemporary architectural canvas for light, seen here in her installation at Okuaga Furusato Hall in Nigata (left). The prevalence of light-emitting fibers has enabled Japanese designers to advance luminous material technologies. Akira Wakita used his background in computer science and fashion design to develop Fabcell, a conductive fiber that emits multicolored light with an electrical charge (bottom left).

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