Outstanding Achievement, Exterior Lighting - In Lumine Tuo, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Created as part of the tri-centenary celebrations of the signing of the Treaty of Utrecht, "In Lumine Tuo" is a lighting installation that commemorates this Dutch city and its landmarks: the Dom Tower, church, and square.

The Dom Tower is the focal point of "In Lumine Tuo."

Visible from different vantage points in the city, the light sequence is timed to take place just before the striking of the hour.

The team at Speirs Major created a design in which “light comes from within.” As such, lighting becomes the common element used to highlight the architectural details of the Gothic-style tower and church.

A view of the Dom Tower.

A view of the Dom Tower and the church in the foreground.

The show begins as the spotlights in the tower’s arches fade in and out at different intensities. Once the structure is fully illuminated, chimes begin to ring, and a series of lighting effects—burst of speckled white light—move up the tower.

The clock strikes, the tower goes dark.

For the archway underneath the Dom Tower, inground LED luminaires provide a dramatic uplighting effect to highlight the details of the Gothic architecture.

The Dom Tower illuminated.

All the lighting equipment—spotlights, projectors, strobes, and controls—were carefully positioned using compression clamping so as not to compromise any part of the landmarked structures.

The installation culminates in a flickering burst of light from the tower's belfry.

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