Museum of Tolerance Peltz Theater

The Peltz Theater is the primary event space for the Museum of Tolerance and is at the heart of their community outreach program. The lighting plays a major role in creating the mood for an event, and the renovation of the facility depended on a single gesture-walls bathed in color for dramatic effect.

Color-changing LEDs covelights graze the walls, while general lighting is provided by PAR38 tungsten halogen downlights mounted within architectural slots fitted onto 'raise/lower' battens for ease of re-lamping.

The team worked collaboratively to create a three-dimensional lighting effect for the walls while resolving acoustical needs for the space. The resulting juxtaposition of the textured acoustical back wall and the coil drape front metal scrim create a compelling moir?? effect that causes the walls to subtly shimmer as you move through the space. This effect can be made more dynamic through theatrical manipulation of the intensity and color of the light, or more static by turning the LEDs off completely, allowing the ambient light in the room to softly front light the scrim.

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