Midway Crossings, The University of Chicago

The Midway Crossings on the University of Chicago campus connects the north and south sides of the ever expanding university. The site, a green expanse, dates back to the 1893 World Columbian Exposition.

During the day, the custom-designed light masts‑architectural  elements‑take on a sculptural quality, reflecting natural light. As day  transitions to dusk, the light masts illuminate from within.

The light masts, sidewalk luminaires, and illuminated handrails create a safe and pedestrian-friendly walkway.

The 40-foot-tall light masts are internally lit by 360-degree light pipes with 3000K 315W T9 ceramic metal halide illuminators located at each base. The base shrouds slide up for maintenance access.

The masts provide visually comfortable vertical illumination, lighting pedestrians’ faces to provide a greater sense of security. All of the lighting elements are controlled via time clock.

Stainless-steel grilles at the base of the sidewalk lights are hinged for maintenance. Narrow-beam 12W LED cylinders uplight angled, hammered reflectors that create pools of light marching down the path.

Standard street poles were required by the City of Chicago to meet roadway illumination levels. Calculations were done to determine which poles would have to be removed or relocated to coordinate with the new lighting scheme.

The illuminated handrails use 3000K linear LED fixtures to provide a wash of light along the sidewalk. Drivers are concealed in the niche at the retaining wall below.

The Crossings’ retaining walls are illuminated by concealed 45-degree, 3000K, linear LED fixtures.

Planters are integrated into the hardscape and delineate the pedestrian path and enhance the overall pedestrian experience.

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