Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial

A view of the Martin Luther King Jr. National  Memorial site.

Site Plan.

The forecourt entry with a view across the Tidal  Basin to the Jefferson Memorial beyond.

The forecourt entry at night. White-light LED  fixtures line the underside of the concealed cove that illuminates the walkway.

Dr. King’s silhouette emerges from the block of granite referred to at the Stone of Hope.

Dr. King’s silhouette in the Stone of Hope as seen at night. The 3-dimensional quality of the sculpture is enriched through the creative application of highlights and shadows using various beam shaping devices.

Visitors to the site at night.

A view of the site at night with the Inscription  Wall to the left and the granite block, the Mountain of Despair and the Stone  of Hope, in the distance.

The Inscription Wall as seen during the day. It  features quotations from Dr. King's speeches from 1955 to 1968 on the subjects  of justice, democracy, hope, and love.

A section at the Inscription Wall. A T5HO  asymmetric luminaire concealed in an in-ground trough along the base of the  wall uplights the carved inscriptions.

The Inscription Wall at night.

A detail of Dr. King’s silhouette in the Stone of Hope as seen at night.

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