Lighting's Latest Nuts and Bolts

Lutron's latest offering in its Grafik Eye family—the QS—offers combined lighting and shade control (left). GE's line of HIR Plus lamps (inset) can be used for both interior and exterior applications. According to the manufacturer, the HIR-coated filament tube nearly eliminates UV-B and UV-C radiation helping to reduce fading and discoloration of displays.

LED Lighting Fixture's LR6 downlight module (above) can be installed in most standard 6-inch recessed incandescent or non-incandescent housings. According to the manufacturer, this converter lamp provides a light output of 650 lumens and has a color rendering index of 92.

Universal Lighting Technologies' Ballastar light-level switching for T8 lamps (left) switches from full light to 50 percent power using standard wall switches or relays. Osram Sylvania's QUICKTRONIC metal halide ballasts (right) extend lamp life, improves lumen maintenance, and eliminates lamp cycling.

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