New administrative spaces were created for this central Kansas gunpowder industrial facility using pre-engineered Quonset hut structures.

T5HO striplights and ductwork were positioned to allow for maximum luminance distribution across the vaulted ceiling while minimizing shadow lines on the adjacent walls.

Cross section drawing showing the perimeter light coves.

The building systems are centrally located and joined as one common organizational element through the interior.

Light and color accentuate the inherent qualities in the architecture. Simple lighting products coordinate with the architecture to offer a cost effective and energy efficient solution.

Careful fixture placement allows the lighting to highlight the compositional relationship of the architecture's surfaces, color, and texture.

A covered exterior walkway connects the three huts. T5 striplights are positioned in custom break-metal shields to accentuate the canopy and provide diffuse illumination for the building entries, walkways and seating areas.

Low-voltage stake-mounted fixtures provide low-level pathway lighting.

Since this is a 24-hour manufacturing facility, lighting from the interior spaces also helps to provide some exterior lighting in the covered walkway areas.

Located in a rural setting, the vaulted structures provide a stunning contrast to the flat landscape.

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