Harry Winston Shanghai Pavilion

A view of the store's exterior façade.

The store’s entrance, designed to read like a vertical marquee, is highlighted to each side by a row of PAR46 wide floodlamps.

Cool and warm color temperature light sources are used throughout the store to highlight the jewelry and the prospective buyers.

Inside the store, the double-height space is illuminated with a combination of 4000K ceramic metal halide accentlights and 3000K covelights.

A view to the first floor from the skylight above.

The ceiling soffit around the skylight is ringed with accent lights. Although the color temperature of the MR16 fixtures varies (3000K and 4000K), the size of the aperture does not.

In the private sales rooms, a custom-designed system of cool (4000K) and warm (3000K) lamped fixtures work in concert to highlight the client’s face and the jewels.

Dimmers at the desk allow the salesperson to individually control the fixtures.

Mirror Accentlight Section View

Mirror Wall Sconce Plan View

3000K ceramic metal halide floodlights illuminate the skylight from the roof at night. The luminaires are mounted on stems that emulate the prongs of a jewel setting.

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