East Meets West

Concept sketch of lighting elements.

LED-illuminated bamboo stalks and leaves adorn the façade of the new 12-story Giorgio Armani flagship store in Tokyo's Ginza district.

Lighting elements are used to modulate the space and showcase the clothing and accessories of the Giorgio Armani line. Speirs and Major Associates carried the bamboo leaf motif a step further by creating custom ceiling openings to house a fluorescent covelight, while a concealed slot system in the ceiling and over the clothes rails uses CDMR111 lamps.

Like a fine piece of fabric that Armani would use to create a garment, gold mesh sandwiched in between glass panels form the walls of a private dining area in the restaurant.

Gold mesh, patterned with the bamboo leaf motif, is sandwiched between glass panels that line the stairs that lead from the ninth-floor restaurant up to the 11th-floor private bar called Privé.

Case good merchandise in the Emporio Armani store areas is highlighted from a concealed slot system in the ceiling using CDMR111 lamps.

The design element from the Emporio Armani retail areas?black stainless-steel panels with laser-cut slots backlit with fluorescent lamps?is carried through tothe common stair of the Tokyo subway stop that sits directly beneath the Armani store location.

An early concept sketch of the stair by Speirs and Major Associates illustrates the idea.

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