Designers in Their Workplace

Impromptu meeting spaces allow employees to collaborate on projects and are located throughout the office.

HOK's nontraditional office space in St. Louis features exposed ceilings and close working quarters without cubicles or partitions because those discouragecommunication among staff members.

Candela's Seattle office was remodeled in January 2008, during which employee workstations were reduced in size while more space was created for casual collaboration on projects

So far, the staff likes the smaller workstations that now also have access to daylight.

Photos, awards, mock-ups, previous projects, and other itemsare spread throughout the office to help inspire employees as they are work on lighting designs.

The office environment of Focus Lighting, designed to be one of experimentation and creativity, has a homeyfeel as it is located in a row house in Manhattan.

Large windows allow for daylight and great views of the city.

Bold colors adorn the walls of Horton LeesBrogden Lighting Design's New York office which has low partitions to foster communication.

All employees at Schuler Shook, includingthe principals, have an open workarea in the Chicago office. Theopenness of the office is meant to promoteconversation among colleaguesand allow everyone in the office to learnfrom each other.

The Los Angeles office for Sean O'Connor Associates Lighting Consultants has northernand western exposures and offers superb views of the surrounding areas.

Having an openoffice results in easier communication and keeps projects moving along quickly.

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