Cranbrook Art Museum and Library

A view of the Cranbrook Art Museum when it first  opened in 1942.

A view of the Cranbrook Art Museum in 1972. The  signature ceiling coffers had been turned off and retrofitted with an  adjustable track mounted lighting system.

A view of the north gallery. The new ceiling  coffers serve to articulate and organize the museum galleries and reinstate  architect Eliel Saarinen's original architectural vision.

The main entry gallery.

SmithGroupJJR found Eliel Saarinen's original detail drawings for the coffered ceiling in the Cranbrook archive and used them as an underlay to figure out how to detail the new retrofitted linear white LED lighting system.

A view of the south gallery.

A view of the south gallery with the addition of  the fully directional accent lighting.

In the main gallery, a close-up view of the  modified coffer intersection with track accent lighting component.

The main entry gallery.

The lower gallery and the link between the museum  and the new Collections Addition.

In the Collections Addition, which houses storage  and conservation facilities, the lighting designers wanted to create a contrast  to the lighting approach in the museum galleries. A metal-grate system hangs  below the ceiling so that the downlights, which have fluorescent fill, create  texture on the walls.

One of the areas in the new Collections Addition  where stored art is displayed.

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