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The distribution center is a simple 8500 square foot warehouse structure. A generous overhang protects the south facing galvalume skin from the hot summer sun while simultaneously providing shelter for loading and unloading. A shaded clerestory window allows indirect natural light to fill the warehouse interior.

Detail of sunlight, shadows, and the galvalume skin system.

Diagrams illustrating the pre-engineered steel structure, sun shading, natural and electric lighting, and convection cooling strategies.

Fluorescent light strips fully integrated into the skin of the structure uplight the soffit and downlight the entry sidewalk.

During the winter months, exposed fluorescent strips serve as exterior task lighting for the purposes of dawn and dusk loading duties.

View of the warehouse facing northeast from the parking area.

The loading dock is illuminated by fluorescent strip lighting fully integrated into the building skin.

Looking east from loading dock area, a detail of the sidewalk lighting system and louvered ventilation system.

The warehouse is connected to an existing office building through a light steel structure skinned with translucent glass. The distribution center for the warehouse is located with this transitional link.

View, at night, of the west fa??ade of the warehouse.

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