Commendable Achievement, Whole Building - University of the Arts, London

Light is the singular element that unites the campus of the University of the Arts in London, as it marries historic architecture and contemporary structures.

The school’s main entrance is through the landmarked Granary Building, a 19th century masonry structure.

Once students and faculty pass through the entrance, they are greeted by what’s referred to as the East-West link, a vast atrium space that provides the transition between the building centuries.

Looking toward the East-West link.

The school’s new building is also organized around a large, covered atriumlike space. Referred to as the Covered Street, it is topped by an ETFE roof.

A lighting rail that caries the power infrastructure runs along the roof’s perimeter and secures spotlights, which can be fitted with gobos and filters.

Concrete and steel walkways are lit with 4000K neutral white light, which differentiates them from the other circulation and gathering spaces on campus that are lit with 3000K.

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