Commendable Achievement, Exhibit Lighting and Temporary Installations - Space Shuttle Pavilion, The Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum New York

The Space Shuttle Enterprise is exhibited in a 100-foot-long by 60-foot-wide air-supported structure on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier Intrepid.

Inspired by an image of the space craft illuminated in white light against a fading blue sky, Focus Lighting convinced the client that this “twilight” backdrop would create the right atmospheric setting for this extraordinary piece of equipment.

A 5-foot mock-up of the pavilion was constructed to test color and reflectivity.

The lighting detail that accomplishes this wash of light uses 1,140 feet of 3500K 32W T8 fluorescent lamps with blue color sleeves mounted to the rear of the perimeter exhibit walls.

Visitors can walk underneath the shuttle, adding to the thrill of the exhibit.

The landing gear wheel wells are highlighted with 3500K 20W ceramic metal halide lamps, which reveal the shuttle’s mechanical inner workings.

Because there are no surfaces in the tent from which to support luminaires, Focus Lighting had to design eight custom light towers for the fixtures that were used to illuminate the Enterprise's exterior.

Cantilevering 29 feet above the exhibit floor and outfitted with multiple 70W PAR30 metal halide accent lights fitted with 30-degree snoots, the light is thrown 20 feet to dramatic effect bringing the shuttle to life.

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