Car Park One

Light and color coordinate with each level of this four-story parking structure on Chesapeake Energy's corporate campus.

Linear lighting coordinates with the structure to define the interior of the parking area. Each level has an assigned color to assist drivers with wayfinding.

The architect sought to bring an element of fun to this parking garage, a project type that is not always paid much architectural attention.

The garage's exterior is clad in a stainless-steel mesh. 'Outriggers' are added for architectural ornament and cast shadows on the fa??ade to create a layer of visual interest.

A view of the parking garage at dusk. The architects were tasked with creating a fa??ade that would respond to the constantly changing light and color of the Oklahoma sky.


A detail view of the 'outrigger' and mesh panels.

View looking north at the parking ramp between levels 1 and 2. All lighting is programmed to be on during peak morning and afternoon 'rush-hours.' During non-peak hours, every fourth row of lighting is off for energy conservation purposes.

A detail of the South elevation showing the 'outriggers.-

A view from inside the garage showing the backside of the stainless steel mesh panels.

Interior view of the central ramp. Color covers a large amount of exposed surface throughout the parking areas to create a light and cheerful space.

The 'outriggers' act as a series of real-time sundials on the garage's fa??ade as the sun changes position throughout the day.

A view of the pedestrian entrance to the garage, the structure is meant to blend in with the other buildings on Chesapeake Energy's corporate campus.

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