Beijing Noodle Co. No. 9

The front entry showcases a display kitchen and hints at the unique environment inside the restaurant. Halogen accents above the display highlight the food, while fluorescent strips create a floating effect from below.

One enters through a colonnade of fish tanks filled with brightly colored fish. Using halogen PAR20 surface-mounted track heads hidden behind the metal grill in the ceiling enhances the colors.

The design layers patterns. The lighting scheme helps to support and develop the pattern motif. LED tapelight is mounted behind the metal screen, casting light onto a reflective painted pattern.

The complexity of the design concept required the use of long life, low maintenance, and cost effective sources. This detail shows how the layers of light work within the spaces. The intricate space benefits from having all the light fixtures concealed from direct view. The metal panels curve around the space and the LEDs are mounted behind the panels. Mono-point mounted PAR20 track heads aim down to highlight the tables.

A 0 to 10V dimming system on the LEDs allows a standard lighting control system to set levels for lunch and dinner. The combination of LEDs and halogen sources allows for lighting settings that are traditional or unusual. The light levels reached by using the LEDs are approximately 15 footcandles. The halogen accents add an additional 50 footcandles to the tabletops. Flood beam spreads were used to create an even illumination throughout the restaurant.

Vibrant spots of color create contrast and interest in the dining room. Halogen sources were important for color rendering, and gives the spice racks and the orange in the glasses visual emphasis.

Beijing Noodle Co. No. 9 is a unique restaurant with architecturally integrated lighting design, achieving the layers of pattern light in the most cost and energy efficient manner.

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