Jean Nouvel

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Agbar Tower Auditorium, Barcelona

When asked to design a lighting scheme for the already-completed 316-seat auditorium in Barcelona's Agbar Tower, Martin Architectural's Spanish representative ECLER had to follow in some dauntingly large footsteps. French architect Jean Nouvel's 35-story tower, with its elliptic plan and domed top, resembles not so much a traditional skyscraper as a force of nature. In Nouvel's words, the tower is "a fluid mass that bursts through the ground like a geyser under permanent, calculated pressure." A fitting metaphor considering the building's primary tenant, the Agbar Group, is Barcelona's water company. More

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A|L Design Awards, Outstanding Achievement: Hotel Puerta America

Touted as one of the 'it' projects of 2005, owing to its exorbitant price tag and cadre of 19 notable designers, the 342-room, 12-story Hotel Puerta America on the outskirts of Madrid simultaneously enthralls and confuses. More

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