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2007 Product Issue: Emergency
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LEDtronics | GardenLED GDL001

The GardenLED GDL001 is a direct replacement for 7W T5 wedge-base incandescent lamps, commonly used in the Malibu-style landscape fixtures. Sixteen white LEDs on a double-sided PCB draw 1.3W of power; this combined with its low-voltage system makes the light source appropriate for solar and other alternative power-generating systems. The solid-state design makes the light source impervious to electrical and mechanical shocks, vibration, frequent switching, and environmental extremes; it also performs well in applications subject to voltage dips or surges. More

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LEDtronics Sends Flashlights to Pakistan

In response to the devastating earthquake that struck northwest Pakistan on October 8, Pakistani-American Pervaiz Lodhie, owner of More

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Accent Lighting

LEDtronics introduces RopeLED More

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LEDtronics releases Ultra Slim More

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