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Climate Protection Council Formed

The U.S. Conference of Mayors has recently formed the Climate Protection Council, aimed at bringing together business leaders and mayors to address climate change issues and discuss solutions for making cities more sustainable. The council was formed at the two-day Mayors Climate Protection Summit in Seattle Nov. 1-2, 2007. Aurora, Ohio-based lighting manufacturer TCP Inc. sponsored the summit and joins seven other charter members: Johnson Controls, The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, American Chemistry Council, DuPont, WalMart Stores, and Waste Management. Visit Read more

2007 AL Design Awards: LightShowers & ICFF DuPont Corian Surfaces Booth, New York
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Fluorescents have no place in Zaha's futuristic kitchen

the marriage between architect and manufacturer is almost always mutually beneficial: The architect is allowed to push the design and material envelope, and the manufacturer can prove the merits of its product in a high-profile manner. In the case of Z.Island-a futuristic kitchen complete with a wet and dry island and cabinet system-the architect is Zaha Hadid, the company is DuPont, and the stage is global: first an unveiling at the 2006 Milan Furniture Fair, and then inclusion in a retrospective of Hadid's work at New York's Guggenheim Museum (see 'Fluidity and Fragmentation,' above). Read more

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