ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING asked all of the event sponsors who were exhibiting what the future of lighting would hold, but USAI was the only one to answer with a brand-new luminaire. Bonnie Littman-Gatof, president of USAI, and Ann L. Schiffers, vice president of USAI's specification sales, designed the LED One Light to challenge what they say has come to be accepted as the standard in energy efficiency: the 2-foot-by-4-foot fluorescent, recessed lighting fixture. “We believe the future is all about minimalization,” Littman-Gatof says. As more and more technology such as HVAC and audiovisual equipment is being squeezed into ceiling spaces, the duo believes that lighting needs to respond and become smaller, or risk being reduced to the absolute basics. Their One Light helps architects fit more into the building envelope and offers designers more flexibility. “The problem has been accepted for so long—the 2-by-4 size—and nobody has challenged it. Everything architecturally lines up with it,” Schiffers says. In USAI's display, One Light was installed in the middle of the ceiling, taking up only a fraction of the space. The display and brochures were also square, echoing the shape of USAI's small solution to the big, rectangular, fluorescent problem. Commands inspired by Mel Bochner, the conceptual artist famous for his text portraits, lined the installation's walls: “Take it back!”; “Take back your space!”; “Take back your comfort!”; and more. The One Light, which clocks in at 90 CRI, isn't on the market yet. Based on the positive response from event attendees that night, however, Littman-Gatof speculates that it could be available for specification in the near future.


Title: Take It Back!
Luminaire: One-Light, a 75W LED downlight with a 4½-inch aperture, color temperature of 2700K, and CRI of 90+