The lamps took center stage in Toshiba's installation, with an elaborate chandelier showcasing the company's myriad lamp types, color temperatures, and light distributions. Varying-sized PAR and MR lamps were layered in different color temperatures and beam angles, surrounding Toshiba's new 40W equivalent, dimmable A19 lamps. The A19 mimics a traditional incandescent bulb in shape, color temperature, and omnidirectional output, and demonstrates that beauty need not be sacrificed for energy conservation.

The lamps were suspended using a simple white wire wrapped with red plastic mesh making the chandelier pop against the clean, minimalist background—a reminder of what is possible with light used in its simplest form. The installation was also a testament to the flexibility and creativity possible with LED lighting. “I wanted to minimize the material and show the lamp itself and the variety of temperatures,” explains Toshiba lighting consultant Michiru Tanaka. “It is all about the beauty of simplicity, the beauty of light.”


Title: The Beauty of Simplicity
Team members: Michiru Tanaka and Toshiba International Corp. LED Lighting System Division Visual Communication
Materials/luminaires: Five types of LED lamps: 4000K PAR38s with a 35-degree beam spread; 4000K PAR30s with a 35-degree beam spread; 3000K PAR20s with a 25-degree beam spread; 3000K MR16s with a GU5.3 base and a 25-degree beam spread; and 2700K A19 replacement lamps