Light you can see and interact with, but energy you generally can't. So Ross Barna, CEO of New Jersey–based RAB Lighting, set out to make the invisible visible for those at the 25th anniversary event. Barna commissioned two ice blocks in which the company's 52W LED LPack and 250W metal-halide wallpack (minus plug-in cords) could be frozen. On site, the blocks—400 pounds each, and about 2 feet by 3 feet—were suspended by booms with buckets below to catch the dripping water. The race was on to see which block would melt faster. “The more energy that a luminaire converts into light instead of heat, the more efficient the luminaire,” he says. Barna predicted that the ice housing the metal halide lamp would melt faster than the one with the LED source. His hypothesis proved true: Even though the luminaires have the same equivalent in light output, the metal halide wallpack caused steady dripping from the block. The installation was a main attraction among partygoers, who stopped to touch the watery, glowing light cubes. “We think the future is LEDs,” Barna says. “We just have to show it.”


Title: Visible Efficiency
Materials/luminaires: Two 400-pound blocks of ice, one embedded with a RAB WPLED52 luminaire (52W, 5000K, 67 CRI) and one embedded with a RAB WP3H250QT luminaire (250W metal halide, 4000K, 65 CRI)