Philips also displayed its Color Kinetics and RGB Lights Flexi-flex, a flexible, thin, and translucent modular LED panel system. It incorporates the company's iColor Flex MX to form an LED display with full-motion video, graphics, messaging, and lighting capabilities in large format for both indoor and outdoor applications. The flexible panels can be draped, wrapped, hung and adapted to create an LED grid covering a large area. “It's outdoor rated, it's flexible, it can be as large or as small as you want it to be and each individual node is customizeable so it allows you to control the environment,” says Ken Romaine, sales manager at Philips. “In the future, lighting doesn't have to be point source and your control of it can be infinite.”


Title: Philips Color Kinetics and RGB Lights Flexi-flex
Team members: Ken Romaine, Monte Spencer, and Jeremy Day (Philips Color Kinetics); Brett Gardner (RGB Lites); and Tom Ladd (Pharos Controls)
Materials/luminaires: Four panels of RGB Lights Flexi-flex, measuring 8 feet tall by 16 feet wide, with iColor Flex MD nodes on 50mm centers for a total of approximately 4,800 nodes. The display draws 3000W (max.) and receives video from a Green Hippo HippoCritter media server through the Philips Color Kinetics Video System Manager Pro. The display is controlled by a Pharos Controls TPC DMX controller.