Giving us a peek at karaoke bars of the near future, Osram Sylvania and Traxon e:cue's “Illumination Idol” wrapped aspiring singers in a 3-foot-by-12-foot curving web of colored points of light that responded to each note, bass line, and voice crack. The two companies teamed up to pair Sylvania's MusicLites technology—which combines 10W LED lights, a 70-millimeter, full-range, high-fidelity loudspeaker, and a wireless audio receiver in a single module—with Traxon's Mesh RBG, a LED module that produced a blinking Lite Brite–like reaction to the songs. Singers, with a cascade of light behind them echoing the crescendos in the pop songs, were displayed for the audience on Sylvania's Kreios LED Image Projector. The system may have been entertainment for party guests during the course of the evening, but it also signals a trend toward systems integration in building envelopes. “There's a new emphasis on a systems approach to lighting,” says Shaun Fillion, lighting project design manager for Osram Sylvania. “We're viewing light as an architectural element instead of discrete systems, and the benefit to the user is seamless integration.” To these users, the benefit was also a good, harmonious, time.


Title: Illumination Idol
Team members: Shaun Fillion, Robert Eberle, Patricia DiMaggio, Amy Meredith, Chris Lubeck, and Clara Powell
Materials/luminaires: Osram Sylvania's MusicLites technology with 10W 3000K PAR38 lamps, Traxon e:cue's Mesh RGB (2.46-inch pixel pitch, 88W) media screen, and Osram Sylvania's Kreios LED image projector