Predicting the future of lighting is a daunting task and no single would-be prophet could be expected to have the right answer. So when ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING asked Luminis Lighting to weigh in on the matter, the company invited lighting professionals across North America to offer their thoughts. Several individuals answered the call—some were designers, others representatives of manufacturers—and their collected visions were assembled on a blog (the-future-of-lighting. and presented at Luminis's display. Visitors to the celebration had the opportunity to read the assembled forecasts and to add their own. “We wanted to get people thinking about the future of lighting,” explains Luminis's president Nicholas Cohen. “By presenting the ideas of those who answered our call, we hope to open the discussion to other lighting professionals.”

Some of the prophesies included: the rise of the LED as the world's only lamp type; building materials as light sources; paint that would emit light in an unlimited variety of colors, intensities, and patterns; and yet-to-be-discovered sources that will be more in tune with human biological processes, use next to no energy, and make everyone look their best.


Title: Luminis—The Future of Lighting
Team members: Luminis
Materials/luminaires: Aramis | LED and Maya LED