Lumenpulse's installation—Lumensquare—was a contemporary twist on a miniature disco cave: a sleek, black, walk-in closet-sized box with textured walls and an angled mirrored ceiling from which a prismatic array of changing colored light was emitted. “For the future of lighting, we decided to explore the relationship between emotion and light,” says Jason Broadhurst, Lumenpulse's director of marketing. “Wherever you are, lighting has an impact on how you experience a space. We tried to represent that artistically with the Lumensquare.”

Upon entering Lumensquare, visitors were immersed in a colored-light extravaganza that could be calibrated to represent four different emotions: joy, love, fear, and confusion. A control dial at the far wall of the “cave” allowed the curious to choose the emotion that they wanted to experience. Once selected, the interior of the square filled with a light show that sought to invoke the chosen emotion. Light projected from the base of each sidewall, grazing the thermoformed plastic walls and bouncing off the mirrored ceiling. For joy, orange tones smoothly transitioned to yellows and whites, providing the atmosphere of a fresh, tranquil summer's day. Love triggered a pulsating red heartbeat. Fear produced a startling strobe effect. And confusion filled the cave with a fast-paced kaleidoscopic color-changing show.

“You can use light to create a new experience within an old environment,” Broadhurst says. “I'm hopeful that in the future we will be able to give people more options to create spaces that are inspiring and beneficial.”


Title: Lumensquare
Team members: Acme Scenery Studio, Beloeil, Quebec, and Michael Grosse, Lumenpulse
Materials: Textured walls are thermoformed plastic panels painted white; ceiling and back walls are mirrors; plywood structure, painted matte black Luminaires: Lumenfacade RGB 120V, 3-foot, 10 feet by 60 feet, black finish; Lumencove RGB 120V, 3-foot, clear lens, white finish; and Lumensub RGB 24V DC, 4-foot