“Everyone is a control freak,” says Ken Kane, executive vice president of Lighting Services Inc. “You control when you hear music. You control when you watch movies, TV, or the news. The world is changing to be what you want it to be. So what if you could control your emotions with light?”

Lighting Services Inc looked at the digital age's trend of instant gratification and transformed that into a vision of a fixture that could deliver the same degree of control in the form of mood-inducing light. The company's installation featured an artistic rendition of this possible future luminaire, which it dubbed “iMood-Light.” In it, a series of 9W, 2700K LED fixtures equipped with spot modules were mounted to rigid stems of various lengths, producing an 8-foot-by-8-foot wave formation. The LEDs projected onto a blank canvas floating above the installation. Visitors could change the color and intensity of the light through a theatrical control system installed on an iPad2, selecting such moods and emotions as romantic, calm, and moonlit. “With a simple touch to your smartphone or tablet, you can transform your lighting environment to be what you want it to be,” Kane says. “Will it be an efficient office, a funky lounge, or a bewitching night? Only you can decide.”


Title: iMood-Light
Team members: Daniel Gelman, Ken Kane, Kerri Galgano (Lighting Services Inc); Ted Mather and Zack Brown (Available Light); and Gary Palumbo (Palumbo Associates)
Materials/luminaires: 64 CX16 Series with Xicato 9W, 2700K spot modules, 8-foot-by-8-foot pedestal, Rosco gels for different colors, iPad2 and iPad application, DMX24DIM, and CueServer