Gone are the days of cold interior LED lighting that feels like a sad substitute for incandescent. According to Delta Light USA, the future is all about a marriage of form, function, and beauty. “Before, LED interior lighting was either strong in design or in technology. Now we are able to do both,” says Laurence Combrouze of Delta Light USA.

Standing in front of a display outfitted to feel like a warm residential interior, Combrouze showcased the company's Minigrid In Reo LED. This is a new generation of dimmable, recessed spots with the equivalent of a 35W to 50W halogen lamp, yet they consume less than 10W while delivering a powerful, warm light strong enough to brighten an entire room. The countersunk conical shape creates a seamless transition between the LED light and the ceiling, while a front ring generates a halo around the LED reflector, creating “an exceptional result,” Combrouze says.

“We did this display to show that we [Delta Light USA] are not afraid to put LEDs in residential [settings]. Put this light into a condo and you make it feel like a home,” she says.


Title: Delta Light USA
Team members: Laurence Combrouze (Delta Light USA); Jean Laurent Raphel (Space Lighting); Mike Rodriguez (Regency); Roche Bobois
Materials/luminaires: Minigrid In Reo LED, an 8W, 3000K dimmable recessed spotlight with a 33-degree beam reflector and an adjustable head zero to 350 degrees; and NYX, an 8W 3000K LED pendant