The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Solid-State Lighting (SSL) program continues to serve as an important testing and information resource for LED lighting products for the lighting design and specification community. Through its many initiatives such as R&D Workshops, CALiPER testing program, Gateway Demonstrations, and LED Lighting Facts, lighting specifiers can access the latest information on LED advancements and installations.

Throughout this year, the DOE has issued several reports and lighting facts sheets. Here is a snapshot of some of the key ones:

• CALiPER Report 22: LED MR16 Lamps (Originally issued June 2014, Updated Sept. 2014);

• Energy Savings Forecast of Solid-State Lighting in General Illumination Applications (August 2014);

• Dimming LEDs with Phase-Cut Dimmers(Originally issued October 2013, Updated August 2014);

• CALiPER Snapshot: Outdoor Area Lighting (July 2014);

• CALiPER Snapshot: Indoor LED Luminaires (May 2014);

• Lighting for Health: LEDs in the New Age of Illumination (May 2014);

• CALiPER Report 21.2: Linear (T8) LED Lamp Performance in Five Types of Recessed Troffers (May 2014);

• CALiPER Report 21.3: Cost-Effectiveness of Linear (T8) LED Lamps (May 2014);

• CALiPER Report 20.2: Dimming, Flicker, and Power Quality Characteristics of LED PAR38 Lamps (March 2014);

All of these reports, including those from past years, are available at the DOE’s SSL program website: •