On Sept. 17, the sixth annual Next Generation Luminaires (NGL) Solid-State Lighting Competition announced the top commercial LED indoor lighting products of 2014 at the LED Show in Los Angeles. Among the 57 winners, which were culled from 266 entries, four were named “Best in Class.” An additional four products, which were not on the market at the time of judging, were recognized as “Emerging” for their potential to impact the lighting industry. 

The competition was judged by 10 members of the architectural lighting community who scored the products for such features as aesthetics, color, glare control, illuminance, light distribution, and serviceability. The competition is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, the Illuminating Engineering Society, and the International Association of Lighting Designers.

Of the total 266 submissions, 153 entries were deemed eligible for competition because they supplied market-ready products and complete documentation, allowing them to be tested at Intelligent Lighting Creations’ facilities in Arlington Heights, Ill. This year, the most popular categories were recessed troffers, pendants, and high-ceiling luminaires, according to the NGL, which also noted an increase in the number of decorative entries compared to previous years. 

As a group, the products that were tested and selected as winners in this year’s competition were notable for their improvements in efficacy and in market readiness from previous years, the jury said in a press release. More than one-half of the 57 selections proved efficacies of at least 20 percent greater than the DesignLights Consortium’s minimum requirements—including 10 products whose efficacies exceeded 100 lumens per watt. 

The following products received the Best in Class designation: 

Mosso Pro LED Desk Lamp, Koncept
The judges selected this tasklight for its versatility of color temperature, dimming, and positioning. The 5.5W LED luminaire offers an efficacy of 99 lumens per watt at a CRI of 83. Adjustable arms at lengths of 16.6” and 18.4” connected with a flexible joint helps position the fixture and its head to provide direct lighting. An interactive lens allows users to adjust the color temperature from 2700K to 5000K. koncept.com


Series 11LED Micro Profile, Finelite
A telescoping lens that extends the length of the luminaire by 12" helps this cove fixture achieve uniform illumination in tight spaces. It also garnered the attention of the jury, which noted the luminaire’s serviceability and ability to be extended. The fixture is offered in 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K and it comes in 2’, 3’, 4’, and 8’ lengths. finelite.com


Slot 2 and Slot 4, Acuity Brands’ Mark Architectural Lighting
The Slot 2 collection of pendant and surface- and wall-mounted LED luminaires, featuring a 2”-wide housing, offers a variety of light distributions including batwing, wallwash, and asymmetric. The jury recognized the series for its competition-tested output of 8,412 lumens at 3500K and a CRI of 82. marklighting.com

Acuity Brands' Mark Architectural Lighting

LS Series, Cree
These strip luminaires can be suspended individually and in rows, surface-mounted, and installed in coves in new and retrofit applications. The zero-to-10V dimmable, 92 CRI fixture offers an output of 4,000 to 8,000 lumens at 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K. The jury commented on the fixture’s serviceability that is achieved by a tool-less entry to the driver compartment. cree.com 


In addition to the Best in Class winners, the following luminaires received the competition’s Emerging designation: Nomi and Trilia, Acuity Brands’ Winona Lighting; Aera, Acuity Brands’ Winona Lighting; HP-Q-Blade-P, Quarkstar; and LightWell, Arborlight.  

The jury comprised: Craig Bernecker, The Lighting Education Institute; Jeff Brown, Colorlume; John Delany, ComEd; Aram Ebben, U.S. Services; Rita Koltai, Koltai Lighting Design; Anne Kustner, Anne Kustner Lighting Design; Chris Magee, MGM Resorts International; Avraham Mor, Lightswitch Architectural; Charles Thompson, Archillume Lighting Design; Gary Woodall, Gary Steffy Lighting Design. Dan Blitzer of the Practical Lighting Workshop was a member of the NGL Steering Committee.

For more information about the NGL program and a full list of the recognized products in this year’s competition go to: http://www.ngldc.org/14/indoor/winners.stm