Seeing the needfor more a more hands-on educational experience to support lighting designers already working at the professional level, Hamburg-based lighting designer Ulrike Brandi has launched the Brandi Institute. “I wanted to establish something that would show designers, in particular those just starting out, how the design process works and how the role of a lighting designer fits into the overall project structure,” she says.


The program is open to lighting designers, architects, interior architects, urban planners, as well as employees of lighting manufacturers. “I think it’s important to have a common language of light no matter who you are working for in the industry,” Brandi says.


The five-day courses (which each cost €4,500)—of which there are four overall slated for 2013—are designed to be an intensive workshop experience. Taught by leading architects and lighting designers, the first course, Essentials in Light, will be in May and will be taught by Brandi along with architect Martin Gran of Snøhetta Design. Later workshops will address high-performance energy buildings, workplace design, and health and wellness.


Each course will incorporate theory alongside technical principles of light, and will take place at actual project sites in Hamburg. “It’s a way for the participants to work in a building that is the same project type as is being addressed in the course,” Brandi says. “It’s also a way for them to explore different parts of Hamburg.”


To apply, you will need to fill out a formal application as well as submit a letter of interest. For further details go to