Let me offer my strongly affirmative response to your fantastic editorial, “An Incandescent Truth?” in the April/May edition of A|L. Quite often, people who are not in the design profession(s) are simply not present to the essential role design plays in their lives. They are clueless! And, of course, we designers know it is all about design! Or rather it's about design and its marriage to necessity, with necessity, the nagging spouse, urging design on to even greater and more dizzying heights of achievement and success!

And this is, as you so aptly point out, what needs to happen now. It is time for design to take the reins from governance and public opinion and find the solution(s). The best use of the general public's and government's efforts right now is to support that scenario. Design is not something confined to the rarified bastions of Gehry and Hadid, Rashid and Stark; it lives, breathes and thrives in the heart of the everyday. This is the national conversation that needs to be reinvigorated now, before it's too late. Technology is zooming along at such an enormous clip, but we must never allow it to eclipse the very spirit of design that brought it into being. Such vigilance is surely one of the greatest challenges of our generation's watch, here, on the planet.

East Hampton, New York