Andrea Sasso, CEO of iGuzzini.
Courtesy iGuzzini Andrea Sasso, CEO of iGuzzini.

On April 24th, at its Board of Directors meeting, Italian lighting company iGuzzini announced a change in its executive leadership. Andrea Sasso, who, since May 2013 has been the CEO of the Fimag Group -- Finanziaria Mariano Guzzini S.p.A, the family financial holding company for iGuzzini Illuminazione established in 1982 -- has been appointed chief executive officer of iGuzzini Illuminazione. In this planned change of leadership, Sasso steps into the role previously held by Antonio Santi whose contract with the company has concluded. Santi, who has been with iGuzzini Illuminazione for 40 years, helped the company expanded globally and develop significant technical achievements during his tenure. 
Adolfo Guzzini, president of iGuzzini praised Santi for his contributions. “Our company has always believed in a professional managerial system as an opportunity to attract top people. [It’s] a history that has seen Antonio Santi as a central figure for the managerial development in iGuzzini, first as General Director and then as CEO,” Guzzini said in a prepared statement. “Together we developed a strategy that put light as a technology at the service of mankind for a real improvement in personal, working, and social conditions that today is expressed in Social innovation through lighting. Our most heartfelt thanks go to Antonio for having helped us, by believing in our family’s projects, to become an industry [leader] in Italy and in Europe.”
Going forward, Fimag has tasked Sasso with continuing iGuzzini’s process of ongoing globalization, improved manufacturing capabilities, and streamlining of the company’s managerial systems. All this is being done with the goal of taking the company public in the next five years. 
Commenting on his new role with the company, Sasso said in a prepared statement, “I am extremely proud to be taking the helm of a company like iGuzzini. After two years as the Fimag CEO, I have had time to get to know its cultural and industrial values and admire the many great human and professional qualities of the management and the entire company.”