A campaign launched at Lightfair in May 2008 targets operators, building owners, and executives who make decisions regarding upgrading lighting products in unrenovated buildings. Dubbed “enLIGHTen America,” the initiative, sponsored by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) on behalf of its member lighting companies, strives to reduce energy use and costs in 5 million existing commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings in the United States.

This industry initiative's goal is to raise awareness of its message among its target audience through communication tactics. Press releases, feature articles, direct mail, trade show graphics, and a dedicated website are all tools that will help enLIGHTen America get off the ground. According to a NEMA press release, Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman supports the campaign, inviting “our nation's leaders to become full participants in a national effort to make our buildings more energy efficient.”

As part of this national campaign, NEMA has created a website, nemasavesenergy.org, that supplies tips, tools, and information on how to undertake a lighting upgrade and reap the benefits afterward. Members of the lighting industry who are interested in more information about this long-term effort to reduce energy consumption and expense should e-mail lightinginfo@nema.org.