Organizers of Lightfair 2004 recently released the session titles for the Lightfair Daylighting Institute, which will debut this year from March 29 to March 30. (The actual conference and trade show will follow, from March 31 to April 2; it will include the Daylighting Pavilion for manufacturers of related products.) According to organizers, this is the first conference on daylighting to take place since 1986. Session titles for the two-day event follow. For more information go to

Monday, March 29
• The Human Benefits of Daylighting
• Initiating a Daylighting Design
• Advanced Toplighting
• Light from a Changing Source: Climatology Meets Illumination Science
• Advanced Sidelighting
• Daylighting Design: Best Practices and Useful Patterns
• Controls Panel

Tuesday, March 30
• The Economic Benefits of Daylighting
• Principles of Modeling
• Advanced Integrated Design
• Successful Projects and Lessons Learned
• Advanced Systems for Daylighting
• Daylighitng Product Showcase
• Daylighting Education Program: Facilities and Projects