The  International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) recently announced the results of its 2015 elections for both its board of directors and membership committee as well as the Lighting Industry Resource Council’s (LIRC) Steering Committee Members. Active participation among the membership resulted in a tie between Ron Kurtz and Paul Beale and required a run-off to select the third director at large position.
The newly elected 2015 IALD Board of Directors is as follows:
Victor Palacio, Ideas En luz, Tlalnepantla, Mexico 
David Ghatan, CM Kling + Associates, Alexandria, Va.
IALD DIRECTORS AT LARGE (three positions)
Denise Fong, Candela, Lynnwood, Wash.
Kevan Shaw, KSLD, Edinburgh, Scotland
Ronald Kurtz, Randy Burkett Lighting Design, St. Louis
The following members are no longer on the IALD Board of Directors: 
Andreas Schulz, Licht Kunst Licht, Bonn and Berlin, Germany; Paul Beale, Electrolight, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, and London; and Kevin Theobald, Gia Equation, London
Claudio Ramos, Banks | Ramos, San Francisco
Colin Ball, BDP, London
Jill Cody, Dark Light Design, Seattle (Advanced to membership chair with Victor Palacio’s stepping into role of president elect)
Reiko Chikada, Reiko Chikada Lighting Design, Tokyo (elected to serve out Jill Cody’s term)
Ron Steen – New Co-Chair
Specialty Lighting Industries, Lindhurst, Ill.
Lucas King, Licht Kunst Licht, Bonn and Berlin, Germany
Alexis Arnoldi, Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design, New York
Carrie Verkuil, Tivoli Lighting, Tustin, Calif.
For more information about the IALD’s organizational structure visit its website.
Victor Palacio
Victor Palacio

David Ghatan
David Ghatan

Denise Fong
Denise Fong

Kevan Shaw
Kevan Shaw

Ron Kurtz
Ron Kurtz