Hartranft Lighting Design (HLD), has opened a new Boston office. This is the third location for the firm, which already has two offices, one in Charlotte, N.C., and one in Washington, D.C. 
Leading the Boston location is senior consultant Paula Ziegenbein. With more than 25 years’ experience in the lighting industry, Ziegenbein worked for Osram prior to joining HLD. There, she held positions in product development, applications engineering management, and strategic marketing. “Paula's knowledge, experience, and project management expertise broadens and extends the value Hartranft Lighting Design brings to architectural lighting approaches as well as tangential markets,” said Andrea Hartranft, principal of Hartranft Lighting Design. Ziegenbein noted, “One of the reasons I chose to leave manufacturing and embark on a career in design is for the opportunity to work with clients and owners in creating well thought design that embraces today’s and future technologies while being mindful of the impact of the lighted environment and the occupants who must inhabit these spaces.”
Hartranft established her namesake firm in 2013 to offer lighting design and project management services to architects, builders, and developers. The firm has a wide selection of projects in its portfolio including commercial, institutional, and industrial work.