If you plan on attending Greenbuild this November, here are three lighting-related seminars to check out:

The Lighting Insider’s Look at LEED V4

Session Date and Time: Nov. 20, 2:00 p.m.
Speakers: Chad Groshart, Atelier Ten; Dane Sanders, Clanton & Associates; Glenn Heinmiller, Lam Partners; Lee Brandt, Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design
Session Description: This presentation will identify the challenges and misunderstandings regarding lighting credits and provide tips for successful credit achievement. The significant changes and improvements made to lighting credits in LEED v4 will be explained.

Four leading lighting designers with extensive LEED project experience, and who have all participated in the LEED v4 credit-writing process, will cover each of the lighting-related categories: Light Pollution, Energy, Daylighting, and Lighting Quality. Presenters will use LEED submittal documentation and photographs of built projects to demonstrate solutions to credit challenges.

The Light Stuff: Energy-Efficient Lighting for a Healing Environment

Session Date and Time: Nov. 21, 8:00 a.m.
Speakers: Shanna Olson, KJWW Engineering Consultants; Coty Sandberg, SmithGroupJJR
Session Description: The most successful healthcare environments emerge when the architect and lighting designer work as a team to attain the energy and aesthetic goals of the client. Together they can address several different concepts, which contribute to a successful marriage of lighting and architectural design.

This presentation will feature an overview of advanced lighting and architectural design techniques as well as new technologies which, when combined, create healthy and energy-efficient lighting design. To illustrate this integrated approach, the presenters will draw on past and current LEED projects, particularly their work together on Advocate Health Care’s $45 million Illinois Masonic Medical Center for Advanced Care in Chicago.

Let There Be Daylight: Deploying Advanced Daylight Controls

Session Date and Time: Nov. 22, 8:00 a.m.
Speakers: Adam Hinge, Sustainable Energy Partnerships; Stephen Selkowitz, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Richard Yancey, Green Light New York
Session Description: A presentation of two recent reports on advanced daylighting systems in commercial office buildings.

First, “Let There Be Daylight,” published by Green Light New York in 2012, examines the potential for retrofitting NYC office space with advanced daylighting controls. The report finds that the area of NYC office space that can accommodate these controls is greater than the entire central business district of Chicago and their deployment would result in electric peak demand reduction of 160 megawatts, and more than $70 million of savings annually.

Second, “Daylighting The New York Times Building,” a 2013 post-occupancy performance evaluation by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory assessing one of the most advanced automated daylighting systems in the country. The study finds a 24 percent reduction in annual electricity use, a 51 percent reduction in heating energy use, and a 25 percent reduction in peak-electric demand—while a significant majority of occupants indicated a high level of satisfaction with their workplace. The Times’ investment in advanced energy-efficiency technologies is estimated to yield a 12 percent rate of return.

Note: Seminars’ schedules are subject to change. Please check onsite at Greenbuild for room locations and other scheduling updates.