Osram Sylvania has released its Fifth Annual Socket Survey. The independent study, conducted by KRC Research in Nov. 2012, assesses consumer awareness about lighting and ongoing lamp legislation changes. According to Sylvania’s press announcement although “this year’s results revealed greater consumer understanding of 2007 lighting legislation and less use of incandescents, nearly half of Americans remain unaware of looming incandescent phase out deadlines.”


Data from the survey revealed that 52 percent of respondents were aware of legislation impacting the phase-out of incandescent lamps. Thirty-eight percent were generally aware that the 100W lamp was phased out in 2012, but only 49 percent were aware that additional wattages (75W, 60W, and 40W) will be phased out through 2014.


Other key findings indicated that 48 percent of respondents said they plan to switch to new lighting technology as a result of the phase-out. At present compact fluorescents are the leading alternative lamp choice for consumers, however, one in 10 respondents indicated that they do have at least one LED-replacement lamp in a socket in their home. Longevity, brightness, and energy-efficiency were the top three criteria used by consumers in evaluating lamp purchases. Consumers also equated energy-efficiency as a means toward cost savings of electricity charges. For a full overview and to download the survey, go to: http://www.sylvania.com/en-us/tools-and-resources/surveys/Pages/socket-survey.aspx.