Lightfair Innovation Awards, Most Innovative Product of the Year: Philip’s BoldPlay
Lightfair Innovation Awards, Most Innovative Product of the Year: Philip’s BoldPlay

Lightfair’s Innovation Awards program kicked off the Apr. 23 opening of the annual trade show, held this year in Philadelphia. The program received 307 lighting-related product submissions in 15 categories representing 156 different manufacturers. Entries were reviewed by an independent panel of lighting professional that included Matthew Hartley, Energie Lighting; Howard Lewis, Lighting Alternatives; Kim Mercier, Lighting Design Innovations; Leslie North, Aurora Lighting Design; Marty Peck, Creative Lighting Design & Engineering; Jason Rainone, Abernathy Lighting Design; and Lauri Tredinnick, Pivotal Lighting Design.

This year’s entries and winning products reflect the continued diversity of luminaire, light source, and lighting controls offerings, acknowledging the industry’s shift to solid-state lighting, while still recognizing the full range of sources required by lighting designers. This year’s products also represent the increasing level of sophistication associated with lighting products and their move toward an integrated approach with other building systems.

This year’s winning entries are as follows:
Most Innovative Product of the Year: Philip’s BoldPlay

This suspended LED luminaire was also the winner in its category - Commercial Indoor (Linear Fluorescent, Troffers, Suspended, Surface, LED, OLED). The jury recognized this luminaire for its extraordinary performance at an extreme spacing distance-20 feet, on center.

Design Excellence Award: Cooledge Lighting’s Light Sheet
This LED lighting system was also the winner in its category - LED, OLED, Chips and Modules. The jury was impressed by the fact that the Light Sheet requires no heat sync.

Technical Innovation Award: Dow Corning’s Moldable Silicones
This material was also the winner in its category – Non-Luminous Components and Specialty Hardware. The jury recognized this material for its customizable capabilities.

Judges’ Citation Award: Philips’ Hue
This wireless lighting system was also the winner in its category – Dynamic Color, Theatrical, Cove, Strips and Tape. The jury acknowledged this product for its advanced color applications for the general public and its ability to provide a personal digital control.

The remaining category winners are:
Category:Research, Publications, Software and Measuring Devices
Winning Product:AGi32 Version 14
Manufacturer:Lighting Analysts, Inc.

Conventional, Retrofit and LED Replacement Lamps
Winning Product:Sylvania Octron 800 XP XL Supersaver T8 Fluorescent Lamps
Manufacturer:Osram Sylvania

Ballasts, Transformers, and LED Drivers
Winning Product:Highhorse Controllable Induction Generator
Manufacturer:Fulham Co.

Solar, Shades and Daylight Integration
Winning Product:Smart LED System
Manufacturer:Solatube International

Outdoor Luminaires (Sports, Step, Landscape, Pool, Fountain)
Winning Product:Precision 2 In-grade with Color Tuning
Manufacturer:B-K Lighting and Teka Illumination

Controls, Building Integration, Site Automation and Distribution Systems
Winning Product:HBA WASP2 Dimming Outdoor Occupancy Sensor
Manufacturer:Hubbell Lighting

Track, Display, Undercabinet and Shelf
Winning Product:Cielux T120 LED Tracklight
Manufacturer:Dicon Lighting

Industrial, Vandal, Emergency, and Exit
Winning Product:CBM Central Battery with Monitoring and Reporting System
Manufacturer:Signtex Lighting

Parking Roadway and Area Luminaires
Winning Product:Evolve LED Scalable Cobrahead Roadway Lighting
Manufacturer:GE Lighting

Indoor Decorative (Chandeliers, Pendants, Sconces, Tasklights)
Winning Product:Planar Series Horizontal Core Pendant
Manufacturer:Digital Speck Lighting (a new brand of Manning Lighting)

Recessed Downlights (Wallwashers, Directional, Modulars, Multiples)
Winning Product:Kurt Versen MultiSource Recessed Lighting System
Manufacturer:Hubbell Lighting